Helping Veterans #7

For the Veteran... By a Veteran

They don't tell you everything, which is where "For the Veteran... By a Veteran" comes in. SSG Mike Mills (retired) has lived the trauma of war and injury, depression and guilt, but is on the path to recovery and has set up an organization to help other vets like him do the same.

If you are looking for assistance or a way to help those that do please check them out.
"I broke my foot, my hip, I actually shattered my hip and I broke my shoulder," Mills said. "Along with the burns, I lost a pinky on the left hand, my thumb on my left hand, part of my nose, but my nose has been rebuilt."

After the explosion, Mills blamed himself for his injuries. He hated himself. But he quickly got over those negative feelings with his family's support and help from his psychiatrist.

To help other soldiers do the same, he has started For the Veteran, By A Veteran.

excerpt from: Minnesota Public Radio online news

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