Pour will be showing at the Anchorage International Film Festival which runs from December 4 - 11, 2009.


Helping Homeless Vets in Philadelphia

From Gathering of Eagles:

Our short range goal is to find as many vets as we can and get them off the street, but we fully intend to develop this into a national program once we work the bugs out here in Philadelphia. If anyone is available on Thursdays from 1100-1300hrs and wants to help please contact us and we’ll get you into the mix. If anyone has other availability we can always use volunteers on site to sort clothes, assist with paperwork, etc.

Unfortunately they don't have any contact info or directions for those interested in volunteering. Will update if I can get any info.


NOT Helping Veterans #1

This is disgusting:

Taylor residents oppose proposed women veterans center in their neighborhood

October 11, 2009, Taylor, Texas (Austin American-Statesman)— A California company wants to convert an empty facility formerly used as nursing home into a trauma assistance center for as many as 88 female veterans, including those who have been sexually assaulted by fellow soldiers.

But some Taylor residents say they don't want the facility in their town.

"It would put veterans in a situation where they are going to a town that doesn't want them," said Cherri Wolbrueck, co-owner of a Taylor bookstore.

I guess "Support Our Troops" is only a catchy phrase to the folks of Taylor, Texas.