Homeless Women Veterans Increase

From CNN: With the U.S. Army now at 15 percent female, and more women providing supporting roles in combat zones, female vets are becoming homeless at a faster rate than men, said Department of Veterans Affairs spokesman Pete Dougherty.

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For a blog journaling the efforts of one female veteran going through this I highly recommend reading Soldier, Interrupted.


1440 KVON Interview - Talking About Homeless Veterans

Director Geoff Ryan and lead actor Bryan Kaplan were interviewed yesterday by Jeff Schechtman on KVON radio and got a chance to talk about the film as well as in depth about veterans and homelessness, and encouraging people to become active in helping struggling vets.


Helping Veterans #4

U.S. VETS is the largest non-profit organization in the country dedicated to helping homeless and at-risk veterans, and a nationally recognized leader in the field of service delivery to veterans.

They are a great resource for vets to find housing across the country. They also have many ways you can help out from a simple donation to more active participation.
$5 - feeds a homeless veteran for a day
$10 - bus tokens for a week
$25 - sheets, blanket, & pillow for a bed
$50 - new suit for a newly employed veteran
$100 - gas in the Outreach van for two weeks


POUR at the Bend Film Festival

Pour will be showing at the Bend Film Festival October 8-11, 2009.

For those of you in Bend who wish to help homeless veterans please check out COVO (Central Oregon Veterans Outreach). They do great work.